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OPTM eTariff Packager Service

The Electronic Tariff Filing Solution for Companies with Few Tariffs

FERC Order 714 (Electronic Tariff Filings) requires every FERC-regulated oil pipelines (and other regulated entities such as power marketers) to file their tariffs in a prescribed electronic format effective September 30, 2010. FERC no longer accepts "paper" tariff filings.

Although FERC requires that electronic tariffs be filed in a very specific type of "electronic package," it does not offer a cost-free way to assemble or "package" the electronic documents into a valid filing. Leonard B. Levine and Associates, publisher of the Oil Pipeline Tariff Monitor and creator of the OPTM Online Databases, has an affordable solution. We provide tariff packaging service for oil pipelines tariffs, electric market-based rate tariffs, natural gas pipeline tariffs, and electric utility tariffs.

Simply e-mail us your completed filing documents. We will use TariffShark software to process them into an electronic filing package that complies with FERC Order 714 and then return the filing package ready for filing with FERC. We provide full service to ensure that your filing is correctly formatted so it will accepted for filing by the Commission. Since the first electronic tariffs were filed, we have successfully packaged more than 800 filings.

Register to use the OPTM eTariff Packager Service

Here is how it works.

  1. Register with the OPTM eTariff Packager Service. There is no cost and no obligation from registering.
  2. Prepare the contents of the tariff filing in the format(s) required by FERC (tariff, transmittal letter, and any required attachments). We can also assist oil pipelines in preparing filing documents that comply with the Commission's specific oil program tariff filing rules and practices.
  3. E-mail these documents to us.
  4. We create the electronic filing package using TariffShark.
  5. We ensure that the filing  is valid under FERC Order 714 electronic filing rules and that it is generally consistent with FERC's tariff filing regulations; if we find an issue, we notify you immediately.
  6. Once we complete our quality assurance processes, and the filing passes all the validation tests, we e-mail the entire compliant filing package back to you.
  7. The filing package is ready for filing using FERC’s eFiling portal. If you prefer, we can submit the filing for you.


Our strategic business partnership with TariffShark allows us to offer this service for a competitive charge based on the complexity of the filing. There are no set-up fees, annual fees, or usage commitments.


To use the service, we recommend that you first register with us (no charge and no obligation). This way we are able to be sure we have the key information needed to set up TariffShark and are ready to process your filing promptly. In order to complete our registration form, a pipeline or other regulated entity filing tariffs must have a Company Identifier assigned by FERC.

This service is the ideal solution for regulated companies with few tariffs, or that make infrequent filings (such as oil pipelines, electric power marketers, or NGPA Section 311 pipelines). We also provide full service tariff packaging for other regulated companies (such as natural gas pipelines or FPA utilities) on a project-specific basis.

Questions? Please call us at 202-965-7300 or e-mail.

Register to use the OPTM eTariff Packager Service