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We specialize in research and analysis regarding the North American crude oil and products pipeline system.

Through our newsletter (Oil Pipeline Tariff Monitor) and our online databases, we offer a complete, up-to-date source of information on oil pipelines, oil pipeline tariffs, and trends in oil pipeline regulation.

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Oil Pipeline Tariff Monitor (OPTM) and Alert Service

Approximately 170 oil pipelines file interstate tariffs with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Keeping track of these filings can be extremely time consuming, but not tracking them can be costly. Tariff filings show what liquid pipelines are doing: increasing or decreasing rates, adding or dropping services, or changing ownership. Arbo's OPTM summarizes all of these filings and Commission orders into a concise and easy to use biweekly publication.

Who Needs the Oil Pipeline Tariff Monitor?

  • Anyone who can benefit from monitoring oil pipeline tariff filings and trends in oil pipeline regulation:
    • Pipelines
    • Shippers
    • Regulators
    • Energy Policy Specialists
    • Law Firms
    • Consultants and Financial Advisors

What is Included in the Oil Pipeline Tariff Monitor?

  • Comprehensive summaries of every tariff filing within the past two weeks
  • Updated list of tariff filings going back another 30 days so you can see if any additional action has been taken
  • Summaries of protests, complaints, requests for declaratory orders, rate indexing proceedings, and much more
  • Summaries of Commission action taken

Features of the Oil Pipeline Tariff Monitor

  • Highlights the most important new tariff filings, protests, and Commission actions of the past two weeks
  • Includes links to eLibrary, FERC's document retrieval system, so that you will be within one or two clicks of the full text of each filing or issuance
  • Organized for easy use

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