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We specialize in research and analysis regarding the North American crude oil and products pipeline system.

Through our newsletter (Oil Pipeline Tariff Monitor) and our online databases, we offer a complete, up-to-date source of information on oil pipelines, oil pipeline tariffs, and trends in oil pipeline regulation.

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Oil Pipeline Tariff Monitor Online Databases

Do you need information from oil pipeline tariffs? It can take hours to locate, collect, and update copies of current tariffs and to extract information (such as rates) from them. With our Databases, we do the hard work for you, so you can do these tasks in minutes. The OPTM Online Databases include:

Rates and Routes Search allows you to find pipeline tariff rate information from any currently effective published tariff (including FERC, intrastate regulated, non-jurisdictional, Canadian NEB, Canadian provincial, and Canadian non-jurisdictional). Enter criteria, such as origin, destination, or pipeline name, and Rates and Routes Search will return all currently effective rates, including additional charges or fees (e.g., storage) and other important tariff conditions (e.g., line fill, loss allowance). Our origin/destination data also identifies refinery and airport locations. View the search results directly, or download to your desktop for additional analysis. Rates and Routes data is also available as a data feed or web service (direct application-to-application download).

Tariff Search includes detailed information on oil pipeline tariffs, including meta data on more than 41,000 tariffs, and complete copies of 34,000 tariffs. You can find a complete copy of a specific oil pipeline tariff in seconds. You can also search the text of all currently effective FERC tariffs.

Filing Search makes it easy to locate Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) oil pipeline tariff filings and includes searchable filing summaries as well as searchable meta data. We have more than 35 years of data on FERC oil pipeline tariff filings, making our database a rich source for research on oil pipeline history. Even if you can't find a filing using FERC's eLibrary site, you can find it using OPTM Filing Search.

No other research service or online database can provide access to such complete information through a single portal.

Who Needs the OPTM Online Databases

  • Pipelines (Competitive Analysis, Tracking and Managing Tariffs and Tariff Filings, Project Development)
  • Oil Marketers or Traders
  • Oil Pipeline Shippers (Competitive Analysis)
  • Law Firms (Litigation Support, Due Diligence)
  • Consultants and Financial Advisors (Project Development, Due Diligence)

What is Included in the OPTM Online Databases

  • Rate and route information for all effective FERC oil pipeline tariffs, most non-FERC tariffs and published rate sheets, including tariffs for Canadian pipelines
  • Complete copies of 34,000 tariffs, including all currently effective FERC and non-FERC tariffs and many canceled tariffs
  • Key information from more than 41,000 oil pipeline tariffs, including all currently effective FERC and non-FERC tariffs and many canceled tariffs
  • Summaries of more than 13,000 FERC oil pipeline tariff filings, including all FERC tariff filings since 1998 plus many earlier filings

Features of the OPTM Online Databases

  • Simple to use
  • Search parameters can be set by the user
  • Complete searchable data on oil pipeline routes and rates, including fees and surcharges
  • Filing Search results include links to complete oil pipeline filings through FERC's eLibrary
  • Tariff Search results include links to copies of oil pipeline tariffs, plus governing and referenced tariffs through our own OPTM Online Tariff Library.
  • Results can be downloaded for further analysis.
  • Full-text search of currently effective FERC and non-FERC tariffs and rate sheets.

The OPTM Online Databases are available by annual subscription or for short-term use. For more information, please call us at 202-505-5296.

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